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Quaker Connections

Quaker Connections is the magazine of the Quaker Family History Society. First published in 1994, it is published three times a year, in March, July, and November.

Guidance for contributors

The editor welcomes articles on British & Irish Quaker families and Quaker meetings. Examples might include:

  • Short accounts of the Quakers you are investigating
  • Transcripts of Quaker documents that will be of interest to other members, such as witnesses to Quaker marriages
  • Longer articles on aspects of your research and findings
  • Short histories of Quaker meetings
  • Articles based upon Quaker records
  • Unfamiliar sources for Quaker family history
  • Quaker family history in social or economic context

Contributions - articles (with illustrations if possible), notes, book reviews and other editorial correspondence - for publication in future issues should be sent by email to the editor.

Copy dates (deadline for copy to be considered for each issue)

March issue:   Last Friday in January
July issue:   Second Friday in June
November issue:   Second Friday in September

Contributors are advised that publication cannot be guaranteed, and neither can publication in a particular issue. The editor's decision on suitability for publication is final. Contributors who are not members of QFHS will not receive a copy of their published articles unless this is specifically requested.

As is normal for family history society publications, no payment will be made for any contribution.

Guidance on text

Articles should normally contain no more than 2500 words, but longer articles will be considered for publication in instalments. Exceptionally, longer articles that don't lend themselves to serial publication will be published in a single issue, but this is at the editor's discretion.

Articles should be submitted as email attachments. Attached files should be saved in Word (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf).

Paragraphs should be divided by a line space, with no first line indentation.

Sources should be cited fully, in endnotes rather than footnotes. If appropriate, suggestions for further reading may be appended.

Name, address, and email address, of the contributor should be included at the end of the text.

Please note that it is editorial policy to adhere to the Style Guide published by the Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA). The co-operation of contributors will be much appreciated.

Guidance on illustrations

Contributors are encouraged to send up to three illustrations per article (or per instalment). Photographs and other illustrations should be scanned at not less than 300 dpi, and sent as .jpg files.

Final selection of which, if any, illustrations will be published will be at the editors' sole discretion.


Neither the Society nor the Editorial Committee is responsible for the opinions or statements of contributors to Society publications. The Society does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to material submitted for publication. Original documents or photographs must on no account be sent, and nothing will be returned to contributors unless they also send a stamped self-addressed envelope for its return.



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