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Members' Interests


NEW: View Members' Interests here

If you are a member of QFHS you are invited to submit the names, dates etc. you are researching.

the Information for inclusion in list of Members’ Interests form.

How will this work?

Members’ Interests is a database of surnames that QFHS members are researching, and would like to contact other people researching the same names. Entries can be as broad as a particular surname anywhere in the UK at any period of time, or as narrow as a particular surname from a particular town, village or area within a range of two or three years.

The recent Data Protection Act (2018) and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are making us all more aware of our right to privacy, and to protection from misuse of personal information. In order that members may make use of the Members’ Interests list, without their contact details being made available we are using a system where initial contact will be made through the society. The list of Members’ Interests which will be put on the website, and may be printed and sent on request to those who don’t have access to the website, will contain a membership number, but no contact details.

It will work like this. If you see a name that you are also researching on the list you can write to or email QFHS giving your membership number, the membership number of the person you wish to contact, a brief note about your own interest and, most importantly, your permission to pass your contact details on to the person you wish to link up with. This will be forwarded to them, and it will then be up to them to respond to you directly. How things proceed after that will be up to you. QFHS will have no more involvement.

As the list will be on the website it will be easy to add new interests. It will also be possible to remove people who are no longer members, so we can keep the list up-to-date. Of course you also have the right to ask for your details to be removed from the list at any time (it may also be possible to remain on the list but be ‘inactive’ for a short period if you are taking a break from family history and do not want to be contacted).

If you want to have the names you are researching added to the database please fill in the the Information for inclusion in list of Members’ Interests form and send it to the QFHS MI Coordinator at the address given on the form, either by post or by scanning and emailing it, or by sending the details as requested on the form in an email. You can submit as many names as you want. You also need to give the QFHS MI Co-ordinator permission to pass on to you details of anyone who wants to contact you. Of course it goes without saying that if you are on the list you will want people to contact you! But GDPR requires consent for each use we put your information to, including contacting you on behalf of a third party.

Email: the QFHS MI Coordinator

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